Monday, December 28, 2015

You can only control YOU

Played today with a group of friends in horrendous conditions. The weather was rough, fierce wind , rain & a wet course. But, in these conditions you can learn a lot about you & your game. Firstly, you cannot control the weather. Secondly it's winter golf so the ball goes nowhere. So, it's time to adjust your game & be PATIENT. In these conditions you should try & control the ball flight by using extra club & playing the ball into the fat of the green. All too often I see amateurs trying to kill the ball & they give up all their control to the elements. Patience is the key. Play the shots you know , not ones you've never tried before. Percentage golf is the key. This time of the year you will not get that many lucky breaks, rather, the breaks will go against you. So, remember to control your state & your mind by staying in the present & playing within yourself.

Enjoy the process!!!!