Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Time is Now,

Whilst speaking with one of my golf buddies , I couldn't help but notice his false confidence in his game.He is a 10 handicapper & has never broken into single figures. I've given him a few lessons but I know he doesn't practice what I'm showing him. So, the other day I approached the subject. We were in the range & everything I was showing him he disagreed with, so, I stopped & said you're wasting my time & your time. To say he was shocked is an understatement. Now this guy is very successful in his job & is very diligent in other aspects of his life but god does he talk an awful lot of crap about how good he is & that he doesn't need to practice etc. So, I gave him a challenge, that if he could beat me in a round with me giving him a shot a hole I would respect his views. Needless to say after 9 holes it was all over. I wasn't being mean or trying to show him up, rather I was trying to prove how delusional he was. During the round he was stating how certain major champions are "chokers" & that they work too hard on changing their swings. Again, I gave him a challenge , if he practiced what I showed him & gave me video evidence twice a week to prove he had , I would get him to break 80 in a couple of weeks. If this happened he had to wear an Arsenal jersey (my team ) out on his Xmas night out & he had to donate €100 to the Irish Cancer Society. True to his word he did practice what we worked on & he broke 80 after 3 attempts. He went out on his Xmas night out last night wearing the best jersey ever ( he supports Liverpool). I'm justing waiting for the cheque for the charity.
Why am I sharing this? Well sometimes in golf we all need a reality check & realize you only get out of this game what you put in. Will he go back to his old ways , I don't know? Will he finally realize that he didn't know it all? Only time will tell.

Golf is full of expert amateurs who think they know it all. If they were really honest with themselves they would realize that they haven't put in the effort. Could you do more with your game? Could you take more lessons? Could you practice more? Could you work on the mental side?
The answer to all of these questions I'm sure is YES. Well if so , make a commitment for 2016 to be the best you can be. I'm not talking about becoming a Tour Player but to reach your full potential. Who knows you might actually enjoy it.

It's up to you , now JUST DO IT!!!!!

Enjoy the process,