Monday, August 5, 2013

Breathing exercise

Pre / During-golf breathing exercise

It is very important that your physiology is is a calm state to reach peak performance on the golf course. There are numerous ways we can do this this , but, having control of your breathing can help numerous elements in trying to achieve maximum results. This exercise is designed to be used everyday 3 times a day minimum. When you are feeling anxiety , fear or uncertainty it can get you into a state of calm & to be in the now. For, golf it is a fantastic aid to focus on the task at hand, as , sometimes the mind can wander & you need to be in the present to attain the correct result through the process.

1: Breathe in expanding your stomach outwards ( like a baby does) not through your chest. Breathe in for for a period of 5 seconds.

2: Hold the breath for 7-8 seconds while placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth & touching the top front teeth.

3: Exhale pushing the air through the gap between the tongue & the top teeth making a hiss noise until the lungs have been completely emptied.

4: Repeat this exercise 10 times. Some people may feel light headed , but do not worry. The exercise will bring an air of relaxation & calmness to your physiology & will have a calming affect on the mind.

Darren Mc Loughlin
PGA Professional
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