Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Tip

Well we had a fantastic PGA Championship with Jason Dufner winning. Going along with the theme of the PGA today's tip is about the "waggle" in the set-up. Dufner waggles the club numerous times , but , what is the purpose of the waggle?

1: The waggle releases tension in the hands, wrists & forearms

2: It can be a miniature version of  the takeaway

3: The waggle can be a kick start to initiate the backswing

Drill: When using the waggle try to ensure that the clubhead takes the path of your desired backswing & that the hands follow a similar path.
1: Take your set-up position

2: Raise the club a couple of inches, from here move the hands, arms & shoulders back a couple of feet with a relaxed grip.

3: Make this movement as many times that is comfortable to you.

4: On the last waggle when complete that is your "GO" trigger.

Try this & see if it works for you just like it did for Jason Dufner.

Yours in Golf,

Darren Mc Loughlin
PGA Professional
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