Thursday, March 19, 2015

GOALS &OBJECTIVES (5 step-plan)

as, in all sports it is important to have goals & objectives. You cannot achieve or attain a certain standard without a plan in place . Otherwise you are leaving it up to Lady Luck.

The plan below , outlines the goals & objectives you are trying to achieve, and further, helps you clarify the specific strategies that you need to employ to realise those targets.

1. What are your dreams, where would you like your game to go? Where do you want to be ( with respect to your performance) in one year, in five years etc.

2: What are the 'objective' outcome indicators that will tell you that you are progressing in pursuit of these targets?  Eg. Tournament wins, handicap reduction , making teams , you decide.

3. What aspects of your performance do you need to improve . Is it physical , psychological ? You need to identify them. What skills do you need to acquire? Putting, driving, accuracy, confidence, better routine?

4. How will you be able to asses your progress? How will you know whether you are making progress , or whether the specific aim has been achieved. Statistics are great for this.

5. What are the specific strategies that you need to employ to help you achieve your performance goals? These can vary in specificity. For example, one focus on my key word or phrase that represents the desired movement objective, whereas, one might have a specific goal to adhere to their routine every time they have some doubts about their next shot.

Next week I will go through how to break each section down.

Enjoy the process.