Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Driver position Tip

All too often I see amateur golfers at set up with their head in an incorrect position for their driver. The position of the head at set-up is critical as it can affect the shoulder & spinal rotation.

Picture 1 shows the incorrect position with the neck at 90' to the ground

Picture 2 shows the correct position, with the neck tilted to the right . By doing this you can see the left shoulder is now higher than the right, with the head tilted to the right , but still in line with the spinal angle.

Another vital component of the driver set-up is the ball position. As, you can see from the photo my ball position changes due to the club being used. For the driver because we are looking for maximum distance & width the ball is place just inside the left heel.  Playing the ball in the correct place takes no athletic ability, it's just remembering to monitor it. Get it right, and your driving will improve immediately.

Yours in Golf,

Darren Mc Loughlin
PGA Professional
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