Thursday, December 5, 2013

Key Elements of the Golf Swing, 5: Impact Position( Moment of Truth)

Impact position or moment of truth , this is what it is all about, trying to return the club back to impact square & aimed at the target.

: hands are ahead of the club

: the shaft is leaning forward ie ahead of the hands

: left arm is comfortably straight with the back of the left hand flat with on wrist bend or angle

: left leg is now straight

: weight has now moved into the left side

: right heel starts to raise

: right knee is moving inwards towards the left leg

: right arm is tucked underneath with right elbow touching the right side or close too

: hips have opened at least 45' degrees

: shoulders should be square ( slightly open for the good player)

: chest is on top of the ball

Enjoy the process!
Darren Mc Loughlin 
PGA Professional 
Skype: Darren Mc Loughlin