Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Key Elements of the Golf Swing, 3: Top of the Backswing

When the backswing is complete the following elements are critical to find the "Slot" or a consistent position at the the top

: the club should be parallel to the target line with the wrists fully cocked

: the right fore arm should be parallel to the spinal angle with the right arm as close to a 90' degree angle as       possible

:  the right elbow should be directly over the back of the right foot

: the left wrist should be flat ie. have no angle between the back of the hand & the forearm or radius bone

: the body has fully rotated with the back now facing the target

: the left shoulder is now under the chin

: the left knee points inwards towards the ball & the left heel may raise or stay on the ground ( this depends     on the level of flexibility)

: the right knee maintains knee flex with the weight now having moved onto the inside of the right foot.

Chin is under the left shoulder & the back
of the left wrist is flat. The right elbow is
over the back of the right foot.

Notice the 90' degree right arm & the parallel shaft

The left knee is pointing in towards the ball, the right knee
has maintained knee flex & the back is facing the target.

Enjoy the process!

Darren Mc Loughlin 
PGA Professional 
Skype: Darren Mc Loughlin