Thursday, February 18, 2016

Will a new driver give you 20 extra yards?

In this day of high profile marketing promotions , if we were to believe every golf company, every year each new driver would give you an extra 20 yards. It is true that modern technology can help you hit the ball further & straighter, but the truth be known the average amateur handicap has not decreased from the early 1960's. As, humans sometimes we look for the easy solution or the "SECRET" If you invested the amount of money you invest in that new driver into golf lessons , not only would you improve but your understanding of the game & knowledge would greatly improve. 
So, what are you to do? Technology helps, modern clubs help , but investing in yourself will get you to where you want to be quicker. 
Take the challenge of improving all aspects of your game not only the "Driver" 
Enjoy the process.