Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Key Elements of the Golf Swing , 1: The Takeaway

Presuming that your set-up is correct , the next most important element within the golf swing is the Take-Away.  The take-away is the initial movement that pre-determines the path of the club so it is imperative that it is correct but more importantly it is consistent. The initial movement or move away the clubhead should travel further than the hands.

: Clubhead, hands, arms & chest move away together as one unit.

: There should be a slight weight shift to the right

: Butt end of the club moves closer to the right leg ( for right handed players )

: Clubhead stays outside the hands

: Right arm remains on top

: The movement must be in unison & smooth

: When the movement is complete the hands should be over the right foot with the club still outside. If the ball is 6 o'clock the clubhead should now be at 8 o'clock

The picture of Stuart Appleby shows the position you should try to achieve.

Enjoy the process.

Darren Mc Loughlin 
PGA Professional 
Skype: Darren Mc Loughlin