Friday, August 9, 2013

Goals & Objectives 5 Step Plan

The plan below, outlines the goals & objectives you are trying to achieve, and further, helps you to clarify the specific strategies that you need to employ to realise those targets.

1: What are my dreams, where would I like to go?
Where do I want to be ( with respect to my chosen performance event) in one year, five years etc.

2: What are the 'objective' outcome indicators that will tell me that I am making progress in pursuit of these targets? eg making cuts, winning competitions, making teams etc.

3:What aspects of my performance ( or my approach to my performance) do I need to improve on ( physical or psychological ) to realise the objectives that I have identified? What skills do I need to acquire? eg. putting, driving , concentration, routine etc.

4: How will I be able to assess my progress? How will I know whether I am making progress, or whether the specific aim has been achieved. ( Use Stats here)

5: What are the specific strategies that I need to employ to help me achieve my performance goals. These can vary in specificity. For example, one focus on my key word or phrase that represents that desired movement objective, whereas, one might have a specific goal to adhere to their routine every time they have some doubts about the upcoming shot.

Darren Mc Loughlin
PGA Professional
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