Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Winning Formula

Congratulations to Padraig Harrington on winning the Honda Classic . Padraig has immense tenacity & a work ethic that is second to none , so , it came as know shock to me that he has won again on the PGA Tour.
So, what can we learn from his great win. As, he said himself he had the YIPS in 2012. Yes a major champion who had the YIPS. Does this sound familiar, well maybe it does. Bernhard Langer had the YIPS in his career too. The unmistakeable factor between these too players is there unrelenting work ethic, diligence & love for practice. Were they both the two most talented golfers, certainly not but they sure as hell have squeezed every  ounce out of their games.
In golf you are going to "Fail" more than you win. It's a harsh fact but one we all must face. The process or journey to achieving a goal or achievement is totally an individual thing. For you it might be breaking a certain gross score, for a beginner it might be making a Par & for a Tour player it can be a win or retaining their Tour status. You see as in all walks of life success for the individual has different levels & bearing within their lives.

With this in mind at the Darren Mc Loughlin Academy for the Month of March I am offering you a specialised individual program which covers all the areas of this great game. This program will be catered specifically for you. It's your program to suit your goals & aspirations.
To start you on the new season the initial offer is for 3 One hour lessons with video analysis, drills & individual assessments for only €100. This offer is limited so contact me ASAP .
In the next Newsletter I will be touching on the process of what to do before your game of golf.