Thursday, March 12, 2015

Before your game of golf.

In this weeks newsletter I will be looking at the time spent before your game. A few elements that are crucial before golf are basics in all sports. Make sure you are fully hydrated & that you have consumed a slow releasing carbohydrate food. Remember if you are thirsty it's already too late , so take in fluids before & during the round. In the modern world it's not always possible but try & consume food at least one hour before your tee time. Getting to the course well in advance of your game can help you establish a practice warm up but more importantly you can asses the conditions of the day. With certain weather conditions you can set out a game plan for your round, ie if it's into the wind on certain holes , already have in mind to take plenty of club. Focus on the positive aspects of your last game & remember the good shots.
Your body language & breathing are vital . Stand tall with the head upright & try not to let your eye level drop below the flag while walking. Breathing deeply allowing the stomach expand while inhaling (babies do this great) can help calm the nerves & give you a personal ease.
Remember it's only a game , it's not life or death or your job! You are going to hit bad shots so be mindful of that & accepting this can help your overall confidence.
Enjoy the process.