Thursday, January 15, 2015

Practice with consequence

As, in many sports with all great athletes commitment & dedication become their routine. Practice for practice sake is a waste of your time. Your practice must have a consequence. It must be beneficial in ways where you receive feedback & where you can see developments & improvements.
In saying this you must make your practice harder than the real course situation. By doing this when faced with challenging situations you will not be fazed . Also, your confidence levels will increase.
Two examples of this are:
1: practice hitting shots out of divots , this can improve your control of the face at Impact but also plants a seed in the brain saying " if I can hit it out of a divot , off a good lie is easy"
2: worst ball practice, play 9 holes with two balls. When you hit the two balls off the tee, choose the worst shot & hit the two balls from there, then choose the worst ball from there & play the two balls again until you eventually hole out.Play this way on every shot. If you can achieve a reasonable score taking the worst scenario on each shot , you learn to accept that golf is not a game of perfect but a game in which the object is to get the ball in the hole in the least amount of shots.

Enjoy the process,