Thursday, December 17, 2015

Play with what you have mastered

I was reminded today of a situation I was involved in years ago. While playing a Pro-Am , one of my team a high handicapper was in the woods on the right of the fairway. We were going well in the team event & it was looking like we would win the Pro-Am. I looked over & saw my amateur partner buried in the rough , in the trees, proceed to take out a 3 wood. I walked over & said," What are you doing?" to which he replied I am going to bend this 3 wood out & around the trees & cut the ball 30 yards. I replied, "Have you ever practiced or mastered this shot?" He said, "No, But I've seen Seve do it before!!!!!" I took the  3 wood off him, told him to pitch out sideways , to take his punishment , use his shot on the hole & try gain a par. He did , but said that it was an exciting Par.
The moral of this situation is , that in order to be able to hit certain shots you must have practiced them & have mastered them before you can add them to your Arsenal. It's a common mistake that amateurs attempt shots that they have not mastered. Now, that is just naive & detrimental to your confidence & score building. Remember the card doesn't tell a story , just a score. It doesn't matter how you do it but please do not attempt shots that you have not mastered.
Enjoy the Process,