Saturday, December 12, 2015

We all have faults!

Every golfer whether they be Rory McIlroy, Jordan Speith or you have faults within their game. The onus is on each individual to work on these faults. Lessons  are very beneficial but it is down to each golfer to take the information from a lesson & to work on it , yes " Work" on it. All too often I have seen amateur golfers who take a lesson but don't put in the work to practice what they have learned. As, in any walk of life you need to practice & fine tune a skill, so, you can improve.
If you are truly honest with yourself & you want to improve , you need to ask this question," Can I do more?"  Well can you ? Of course you can!!!!!! Improvement in golf can be slow but with a clear program & goal where you can analyze your results improvement is attainable.
As, in my previous post it can take only a few minutes of your day everyday to achieve this. The idea is to be the best of your ability.