Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Key Elements of the Golf Swing, Finish Position

For a lot of golfers , they tend to focus too much on the backswing & neglect how important the finish position is. This position is a tell tale sign of what has gone on previously in the swing. Balance here is the key.
  • The club should be across the back of the neck
  • The right shoulder should be facing the target
  • Yours hips should have fully cleared & be pointing at the target or slightly left
  • All your weight has now transferred onto the left leg
  • The left leg is straight 
  • The right knee , belt buckle & sternum our now pointing at the target
  • You are in BALANCE

Enjoy the process!
Darren Mc Loughlin 
PGA Professional 
Skype: Darren Mc Loughlin