Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Day 4 Blog Cruising ( Arsenal style)

As in most sports balance within working effectively & over doing it is very important . With regards to this I have taken a relaxed view on today's journey. Relaxed most of the day just did a few exercises from Jason Glass' Explosive Rotational Power video.

After, this I sat down & watched Arsenal beat Spurs again 2-0.
Early start in the morning , starting my weights program & some putting.

Photo: Darren Pga Padraig harrington,Darren Pga Pro Ole.....
 Ole Navapol one of my students hoping to make the Asia Tour , oh ye & the other guy is a 3 time major winner.

Enjoy the process!
Darren Mc Loughlin 
PGA Professional 
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