Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jordan Speith First Tournament of 2016

So, Jordan Speith shoots 30 under par at the first tournament of 2016 . Incredible score but let us have a look at his stats.


Driving Distance 283.8                   140
Driving Accuracy 60.34%              161
Greens in Reg      72.92%               109
Sand save             100%                      1
Birdie Ave            6.38                        1
Strokes gained putting 1.91                 2
""            "  " tee-green 2.395              3
Total strokes gained 4.305                  1

Obviously he is not the best in driving & greens in regulation but it's in the short game & putting that he gains shots. His putting & saves are exceptional . Watching him play he does very little wrong but with a stat of 6.38 birdies ave per round is a total that shows us where he is at. His game is totally focused on getting the ball into the hole in the least amount of shots ie, the card tells the story & it doesn't matter how but how many.